2017/11/26 19:00:00


Experience a revolution in personal and professional development featuring live music by FELL FROM A STAR, celebrate the release of Dr. McKenna’s new book Composed: The Heart and Science of Leading Under Pressure, and preview the WiLD Experience! FOLLOW WiLD Leaders, Inc:

PRE-ORDER “COMPOSED: The Heart and Science of Leading Under Pressure.” http://amzn.to/2hXuNjJ

Ticket information is coming next week!

“Dr. McKenna gives us a lifeline, a way out of sorts – or maybe, it’s a way to stay in the moments that matter, but be Composed. This new paradigm has radically transformed the way I show up. Few books are real gifts, this one is. Take it.”

Jason Pamer, Producer, The Heart of Man

Composed: The Heart and Science of Leading Under Pressure is a roadmap forstanding firmly in who we are while staying connected to those who matter most to us – especially when high-pressure moments come. It doesn’t matter whether you are a CEO, parent, manager, or student, none of us are immune to the possibility of losing it when the pressure is on.