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Make Leaders Great Again

At a time when we are about to elect our next President and we’re faced with polarizing options to choose from, it is about time we get real about leaders. Take a look at the most popular leadership theories, books, and magazine articles out there. It doesn’t matter whether it’s about leading in business, in […]

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Why Is Bad Bobby At GC15?

My story begins with a confession and an aha moment. First, the confession. My name is Rob, I am an adult, I am a fourth generation son of the Free Methodist family committed to developing leaders across the church and beyond, and I play video games. The fact is that my understanding of video games […]

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The Beautiful Leadership Controversy

Below is my commencement address to the second graduating class from Immanuel University. I am so proud of these students. Most of them are Dalits in India. Their unbelievable achievement is that of finishing an MBA in a culture where they are considered untouchable and those who are not low in the caste system, but […]

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