We are on a mission to transform the way we select and develop leaders in, or preparing to be in, the most powerful institutions in our world. You can join this mission by becoming a Certified WiLD Coach. Our growing cadre of WiLD coaches is an elite group of people who have the heart of a therapist and the savvy of an executive, but have likely been neither. They are committed to growing themselves and others into a generation of leaders who will bring thoughtfulness, conviction, hope, resourcing, strategic thinking, and deeply rooted care to the institutions and people they serve.


The WiLD Certification Program begins with a facilitator and coach training, either attending a WiLD Experience or the virtual training option through the INTENTIONAL Video Series. These programs are led by WiLD Master Coaches, who will guide you through all ten tools and feedback reports of the WiLD Toolkit. During the sessions, you will process through your own WiLD Toolkit results, learn key techniques from our Master Coaches. At the close of the sessions, you will be prepared to take the WiLD Toolkit back to your organization, clients, or network and coach others.
Apply here for our in person training:

Follow these steps to start the online Facilitator + Coach training option:.
1. Create an account at www.wildtoolkit.com
2. Visit the WiLD Store
3. Purchase: INTENTIONAL Starter Kit + Complete WiLD Toolkit
Once you go through the 10 Tools in the WiLD Toolkit and watch all 10 videos in the INTENTIONAL Video Series, you can take the WiLD Toolkit Knowledge Exam – a passing score qualifies you to become certified as a WiLD Facilitator.
After coaching 2 clients through the WiLD Toolkit, those clients can fill out a coaching endorsement form as part of your coaching certification process. Once two are completed, you are eligible to become a certified WiLD Coach.

Visit WiLDToolkit.com to create your account and get started!


WiLD Toolkit


The difference between being a certified WiLD Coach or being certified in a different tool or assessment, is our coaching process we train our coaches in that works seamlessly alongside the WiLD Toolkit. To read more about our Tool-Based Coaching approach, see an article we wrote for ATD (Association of Talent Development).


Facilitator/Coach Certification Maintenance

Facilitator and Coach certifications are recognized for one calendar year from earning the designation. To maintain certification status, facilitators and coaches must:

i. Maintain an Active WiLD Toolkit Subscription.

Facilitators and coaches must maintain an active toolkit subscription to maintain their certification status and continue to invest in their own annual whole leader development. Facilitators and coaches receive a discount on their complete WiLD Toolkit Subscription, and will be emailed a discount code as their subscription nears its expiration. Total annual cost to maintain certification = cost of the complete WiLD Toolkit yearly.

ii. Recertification Training and Exam

In order to ensure that all WiLD Coaches and Facilitators are current and up to date on the WiLD Toolkit interface and underlying theory, continuing education trainings are offered. A minimum of every three years, WiLD Coaches and Facilitators pass a foundational knowledge exam.


i. Certificate in Whole Leader Development: Mastery Level [Color] [Number]

Completion of all tools in the WiLD Toolkit in any given year earns a Certificate in Whole Leader Development for one year. In addition, the Mastery Level is indicated on the Dashboard in the WiLD Toolkit website.

ii. Certified WiLD Toolkit Facilitator

To become a Certified WiLD Toolkit Facilitator, individuals must complete all tools in the WiLD Toolkit and complete the required training. Certified Facilitators in Whole Leader Development are those who have the fundamental knowledge to facilitate teams or small groups of individuals through the WiLD Toolkit.

iii. Certified WiLD Toolkit Associate Coach

To earn the Certified Associate Coach level, coaching candidates must coach two clients complete the Coaching Endorsement Form within one year of completing the WiLD Coach/Facilitator Training. Upon reviewing the completed endorsement forms, Coaching Candidates will be awarded the Certified Associate Coach level.

iv. Certified WiLD Toolkit Professional Coach

Certified Professional Coaches have coached at least 10 clients through all ten tools within the first year of completing the WiLD Coach/Facilitator Training.

v. Certified WiLD Toolkit Master Coach

The Certified Master Coach has earned the WiLD Certified Professional Coach status, exhibits character and competence consistent with the mission of WiLD Leaders Inc., has been invited to engage in the Master Coach application process, and has been invited to engage with WiLD Leaders on additional projects.



Apply for one of our upcoming WiLD Experiences where you can leave as a certified Facilitator. Or visit our INTENTIONAL Groups page to see about our virtual facilitator training and resourcing.