We are on a mission to transform the way we select and develop leaders in the most powerful institutions in our world. You can join this mission by becoming a Certified WiLD Coach. Our growing cadre of WiLD coaches is an elite group of people who have the heart of a therapist and the savvy of an executive, but have likely been neither. They are committed to growing themselves and others into a generation of leaders who will bring thoughtfulness, conviction, hope, resourcing, strategic thinking, and deeply rooted care to the institutions and people they serve.


The WiLD Coaching Certification Program begins with two half-day sessions, led by WiLD Master Coaches, that will guide you through all six assessments and eight feedback reports of the WiLD Toolkit. During the sessions, you will process through your own WiLD results, learn key techniques from our Master Coaches, and team up with other attendees for hands-on coaching practice. At the close of the sessions, you will be prepared to take the WiLD Toolkit back to your organization, clients, or network and coach others. Participants who attend the half-day sessions and subsequently coach at least two others through the WiLD Toolkit will achieve WiLD Coaching Certification.

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Outcomes for participants in the WiLD Coaching Certification Program include:

  • Dedicated time to your personal development as both a coach and a leader
  • Extensive knowledge of the WiLD toolkit, including all six assessments and eight feedback reports
  • Developed capacity to use the WiLD toolkit to coach and develop the leaders around you
  • Full access to the WiLD toolkit for yourself and two others
  • Optional inclusion on our growing public database of WiLD Coaches


We are selective about the coaches we certify, but our selection criteria might surprise you. If you are reluctant to apply to be a WiLD Certified Coach or have never thought of yourself as an “executive coach”, that doesn’t scare us. Your reluctance, combined with your willingness to apply and a little bit of business, education, or ministry experience, may be the real sign of your qualification. It is your wisdom, discernment, investment in others, and ability to see others that will make the difference. That is a key part of our selection process.

  1. WiLD Coaching Candidate
    • Completed 2 day certification training
  2. Affiliate WiLD Coach
    • Completed 2 day certification training
    • Coached 2 clients on 6 tools with complete endorsements
    • Coaches 1 new client per year
  3. Master WiLD Coach
    • Completed all Affiliate requirements
    • Coached 4 additional clients on all 6 tools with4 completed endorsements
    • Coaches 2 new clients per year

*Affiliate and Master level coaches are subject to additional training to ensure their knowledge and skills are up to date with current versions of the tools.



Space in the WiLD Coaching Certification Program is limited, and we are selective about our participants. The initial half-day sessions are built as whole cohorts of business, ministry, non-profit, and emerging leaders who will compliment each others’ learning and experience. Ideal participants demonstrate a commitment to developing themselves and others, strong self-awareness, and the willingness and ability to continue learning. While previous coaching experience and skill is encouraged in applicants, it need not be formal experience and isn’t required. If you would like to be considered for an upcoming session or would like to receive more information about the Coaching Certification Program or the WiLD Toolkit, please complete the following form.

To be considered for an upcoming WiLD Coaching Certification, complete the application. Upon acceptance into the program, pay the registration fees by using the links below. A discounted rate is offered for coaching applicants currently working in not-for-profit organizations.