A WiLD Coach has the heart of a therapist and the savvy of an executive, but may have been neither.

– Dr. Rob McKenna


Each of our coaches has a heart for people and and an ability to push their clients toward action when necessary. Our coaches are not unique because they have all the right experience, but unique because they are committed to investing in developing leaders as whole people. They know that developing whole leaders requires vulnerability, and vulnerability requires courage and an openness to change. A great leader is not great because she or he does everything right, but because they have the courage to move forward, and are open to the possibility that they may need to edit parts of themselves along the way.


The leaders we coach have the courage to take on the role of leader, but are also aware that there is something they may need to change for the sake of those around them. If you find yourself at a crossroads, at a point of pause or reflection in your career, trying to get from here to there, or at a place where you want to get intentional about where you are going and why, a WiLD Coach may be right for you.



Our coaches use a process that is both structured and personal. It is structured because you will walk through our Whole Leader Development process with your coach, and personal because all of our tools and feedback reports are personalized to the leadership experiences you are having now or that have been important to you in the past.

If you are interested in getting a WiLD Coach for yourself or for the leaders in your organization, fill out the form below and we will get back to you. The information you provide will help us to match you with certified coaches in your region or who fit you best.


Our coaches are convicted, continuous learners. Coach the Coaches sessions provide ongoing support for creating deeply reflective and action focused conversations through the WiLD Toolkit. Hosted by a Master Certified WiLD Coach, the sessions are free to our coaches and coaching candidates as virtual 45 minute conference calls. The sessions are designed to increase your coaching confidence and effectiveness, and to increase your familiarity with the WiLD Toolkit and their function in a coaching conversation.

Jessica, Wendy & John