“Being a leader in corporate America, as well as in the Church, I have gone through many leadership development assessments – tools and books – which have cost me thousands of dollars through the years. The HEART behind the WiLD Toolkit is what made my heart sing. These are tools not only for self development, but for existing leaders to utilize to develop their teams by coaching them through a process of reflection questions.”

Carol Duberowski

FMF Southern California Regional Representative

“Owning your own development can feel intimidating or overwhelming. The WiLD Toolkit can empower people to own their development without getting lost or feeling abandoned.”

Lori Homer

Leadership Development Principal, Amazon

“The WiLD resources are invaluable for initiating internal conversations that catalyze development toward leadership qualities that truly matter.”

Darin Land

Dean of Students, Asia-Pacific Nazarene Theological Seminary

“The WiLD Toolkit helps guide specific, actionable conversations around questions people are asking or desires they have for growth. They may not know what to do next and these tools help them move in the right direction.”

Allison Coventry

Associate Pastor, First Free Methodist Church

“The WiLD Toolkit offer a real, approachable, accessible structure for coaching. Recommended.”

Nicholas Mah

Epic Clinical Applications Analyst, University of Washington

“WiLD is an incredible framework and platform for leading/coaching an individual through personal/professional development. A holistic approach that blurs the line between who we are as ‘workers’ and ‘human beings.'”

Matt Woll

Executive Pastor, Rain City Church


“It is a rare and valuable experience that allows a person to grow personally while learning how to help others do the same. [The coaching certification facilitators’] authenticity, coupled with the science to back their training, created an unforgettable skill-building opportunity.”

Amanda Holland

Division Operations Manager, State of Alaska

“If you’re interested in driving a deeper, more holistic level of conversation with the people around you, this [coaching certification] is for you. Regardless of the context you come from, you’ll find valuable guidance, ways to think about your situation and take action, and a supportive group of people who share your values and can practice this with you.”

Rachel Kirce

Senior Consultant, The Spur Group

“Powerful, engaging, personable…and just the right amount of being intense! I learned a process, and in doing so, learned about myself as a bonus! [The certification leaders] were fantastic teachers and facilitators, and so were the other 40 people in the room!”

Ann Klein

Commercial Real Estate Consultant, Klein Partners Inc.

“The coaching certification provided me answers to questions I’ve had for years without being prescriptive. The WiLD assessments have afforded me freedom to move into clarity on when and how to intentionally relate to and lead others and to honor who I am uniquely.”

Faith Wimberly

Volunteer Strategist, Bethany Community Church

“This training is valuable on a personal and professional level. I think the ‘ripple effect’ from what I’ve learned will spread wide in my life and into the lives of those around me.”

Yolanda Grandjean

Assistant Professor of Nursing, Seattle Pacific University


“Rob McKenna’s talks reflect a great grasp of today’s business and a fresh and powerful perspective on how leaders can be developed at a time when this does not seem to be on many corporations’ agendas. Provocative and powerful.”

John Brewer

Managing Director, eCommerce & Distribution, Alaska Airlines

“Dr. McKenna is a dynamic and engaging speaker who pushes normal conventions with new and thought-provoking ideas. His conversational style, mixed with humor, leaves his audiences wanting more and often begins a conversation, pushing people to ask the really hard questions.  His authentic approach is refreshing.”

Greg Hunter

Group Vice President, Razorfish

“As a speaker, Dr. McKenna is dynamic and engaging. He tells a story that is both compelling and motivating in nature. He eloquently weaves the narrative together for long-lasting takeaways. Dr. McKenna’s understanding of human behavior allows him to connect with an audience on a very intimate level.”

Jason Pamer

Owner, Thespis Motion Pictures

“As a speaker, Dr. McKenna is a dynamic presenter who communicates his thought-provoking ideas with passion and clarity. He’s not just knowledgeable about the topics he discusses, but he knows how to add a good dose of humor to the mix. Dr. McKenna is a talented speaker and presenter – a true master of his craft.”

Kent Ingle

President, Southeastern University

“Today’s business leaders don’t have time for warm and fuzzy academics.  They need real solutions to the pressing problems that every business leader faces. Dr. Rob McKenna possesses a rare ability to connect the psychology of people, performance, and leadership with the reality of what drives the day-to-day functions of business in today’s fast-paced, challenging marketplace.  Every business leader can benefit from Rob’s capacity to boil down research findings to pithy, real-world solutions.”

Steve Gandara

CEO, Excellent Cultures