The WiLD Experience is a three day leadership development program to develop your leadership capacity through our Whole Leader Development Tools, and to give you all you need to implement these tools in your organization. After receiving your application and confirming your acceptance, you will receive instructions for making payment followed by confirmation of your registration.


June 13-15, 2018 – Seattle, Washington

July 17-18, 2017 – Indianapolis, Indiana – REGISTRATION CLOSED

October 24-26, 2016 – Seattle, Washington – REGISTRATION CLOSED

July 13-15, 2016 – Seattle, Washington – REGISTRATION CLOSED

April 20-22, 2016 – Seattle, Washington – REGISTRATION CLOSED

The WiLD (Whole + Intentional Leader Development) Experience is a three-day program where you will get personalized feedback on each of the 10 developmental tools in the WiLD Toolkit, as well as be coached by other leaders from a range of organizational contexts. Whether you would like to be certified as a WiLD Toolkit Coach or Facilitator, or are simply in need of a transformational developmental experience to help you get prepared for your next leadership challenge, the WILD Experience is for you. The sessions include:

  • Leader Identity, Personality & Character
  • Calling and Purpose
  • Purposeful Goals
  • Composure Under Pressure
  • Learning from Experience
  • Motivation
  • Building Strategic Networks
  • Investing in the Learning and Growth of Others


There are three levels of engagement for attendees:

1. Participant: Includes three half-day trainings, The Whole Leader Guidebook, and a certificate in Whole Leader Development upon completion of all tools.
2. Facilitators
: Includes three half-day trainings, the Whole Leader Guidebook, and a certificate in Whole Leader Development, and certification as a WiLD Toolkit Facilitator and associated resources.
3. Coaches: In addition to the facilitator package, coaches will receive an additional 3 hours of training each day. Certified coaches will receive access to coaching resources (i.e. coaching intake forms, coaching wisdom, coaching primers, etc.), as well as an invitation to our coaching community. 



Outcomes for participants in the WiLD Experience include:

  • A transformational moment of reflection, awareness, and action regarding your personal development as a leader or potential leader.
  • Each participant completing all requirements will receive a Certificate in Whole Leader Development.
  • Ability to facilitate developmental conversations with others.
  • Increased self-awareness.
  • Clarity around purpose and calling.
  • Extensive knowledge of the WiLD Toolkit, including all ten tools and feedback reports.
  • Developed capacity to use the WiLD Toolkit to coach and develop the leaders around you.
  • Optional certification as a WiLD Coach or Facilitator.