Want to intentionally invest in the development of others?

YOU could lead a group or team through a Whole + Intentional Development process with the 10 WiLD Tools

  • Personality, Work + Life Fulfillment
  • Calling + Purpose
  • Purposeful Goals
  • Leading Under Pressure
  • Transformational Experiences
  • Motivation + Learning
  • Skills + Competencies
  • Investing in People
  • Strategic Network of Support
  • Growth Plan

Gather people for meaningful conversations

Why the WiLD Toolkit?


Chaili is leading a group of women through the WiLD Toolkit.
Hear about her experience with WiLD and the Tools!

Get started with just 5 steps

  1. Create an account at www.wildtoolkit.com (if you don’t already have one)
  2. Purchase the INTENTIONAL Group Starter + Complete WiLD Toolkit Bundle
  3. Invite your group members
  4. Use your INTENTIONAL Group Starter to get things kicked off
  5. Enjoy the whole and intentional journey!

INTENTIONAL Group Starter Kit

The INTENTIONAL Group Starter Kit contains everything you need to lead:

  • The Complete WiLD Toolkit – 1 year subscription
    • All 10 Tools that you have access to for 1 year – then you have the opportunity to resubscribe to continue in the annual process!
  • Facilitator + Coach Tab on Your Dashboard (Videos + more!)
    • When you purchase the INTENTIONAL Starter Kit, you gain access to our Facilitator + Coach tab on your WiLD Toolkit Dashboard. This tab includes our INTENTIONAL Video Series and questions for each of the Tools in the WiLD Toolkit. These videos and questions will prepare you to facilitate conversations on each of the Tools, and you can even use the videos in your meetings with your group/team members!
    • These videos also become an opportunity to become virtually trained as a WiLD Facilitator. There is a WiLD Toolkit Knowledge Exam you can take after you have completed the 10 Tools in the WiLD Toolkit and viewed all 10 of the INTENTIONAL Series Videos.
  • Whole Leader Guidebook
    • This guidebook is FILLED with ways to talk through the WiLD Toolkit with your group, and how to start and engage in meaningful conversations with the members of your group around their development.
  • WiLD Question Cards
    • 50 question cards for ice-breakers and opening up deeper conversations.
  • USB with Training Materials + Resources
    • Materials and resources include tips for how your group will get together, a sample meetings schedule, FAQs, and more.


For more information, contact Megan Lawrence from the WiLD Leaders Team: megan@wildleaders.org