Leaders Developing Leaders: A Revolution of Love

Leaders Developing Leaders: A Revolution of Love

On my second trip to the outer rim of India, I continue to learn so much about the power of love and the threat it poses to each of us, and to our cultures. A recent graduate from Immanuel University here is providing graduate education to those on the margins of the caste system is now at the forefront of my mind. This leader reminded me of something—he said that a recruiter would know where you come from not only by your resume, but by how you treat others. Treating others with respect and dignity, and even love, labels you as someone who is beneath, below, and less. And, when managers know that, they will pile on the work.

This was a reminder to me that love is a revolution. A movement against the grain. In the United States we can talk all day long about how doing the right thing will produce big results, but at the end of the day, our world will always be OUR world. Treating others with dignity and respect is not the easy path for us, and we cannot minimize the courage it takes to maintain that posture with others in a world that will reward selfishness, narcissism, and greed. Love is a revolutionary idea because it challenges the structures of power within us and within our culture. To bring a message that God loves all of us is to create an uprising of equality. Not sameness or likeness, but of equal value in the eyes of God. And equality is not the same as bland sameness. It’s about God deeply loving each of us for the unique and wonderful person he has created us to be. It’s about God loving us in spite of our unending challenge of making it solely about us. Love is not the easy way, but it creates the possibility of a revolution that will break down the walls within us, along with the walls that create poverty, shame, and pain in our world. The people of India are amazing and their numbers are growing daily. May the power of sacrificial love grow here with the people, and create a model that the rest of the world could see and replicate.

– Dr. Rob McKenna


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