The Purpose

If organizations are where real-time learning happens and universities are where deep and rigorous development occurs, the WiLD Executive Fellows Program is a unique combination. Dr. Rob McKenna the team at WiLD Leaders bring decades of experience architecting world class whole leader development programs that are rigorous, relevant, and relational – integrating research and deeper problem solving with the real-world experience of leaders. The Executive Fellows Program is everything expected of a WiLD program. It is personal and professional. It is not for the faint of heart, but for leaders seeking to align their whole purpose and their performance.


Rooted in a theoretical foundation of Industrial-Organizational Psychology and a philosophical foundation of sacrificial and whole leader principles, the WiLD Executive Fellows Program is not a one-off solution or dis-integrated process that focuses on only your strengths, personality, competencies, purpose, resume, or motivations, but intentionally combines the best of what we know about the developmental journey of leaders into a simple and next level learning experience. We architect the structure for learning and development, and leaders bring their story and investment of time in one another. The parts of the whole program include:

  • Calling and Purpose
  • Motivation and Goals
  • Leading Under pressure
  • Transformational Experiences
  • Leadership Competence
  • Motivation and Learning
  • Developing Others
  • Strategic Networking


A whole and intentional leader requires a different kind of learning experience – one that brings an equal portion of breadth and depth.

RIGOROUS: The WiLD Executive Fellows Program is smart and selective. We did not take our lead from what is popular or in style, but from decades of research in Industrial-Organizational Psychology on how leaders learn and grow while leading. The Fellows Program participants are chosen based on the potential they bring as competent and effective leaders, and more importantly, for their willingness to edit themselves and to serve others.

RELEVANT: The experience and content is personal and practical. A leader’s development gets interesting and effective when they can make direct connections between learning content and personal experience. The program curriculum is specific to each attendee and their experience, and it provides frameworks and customized actions to help attendees become the leaders others need them to be.

RELATIONAL: The Executive Fellows Program is structured for conversations and coaching. While we know that leaders develop through their experience, it is the relationships around them that enable them to become more self-aware and to take the calculated risks to become better leaders. Every leader engages in dialogues, coaching partnerships, and activities to connect with, learn from, and help grow every other attendee.


Based on our Whole Leader Development Model, the WiLD Executive Fellows Program offers two tracks with additional coaching and facilitator certifications as well as additional mastery levels.

Track 1 – Certificate Program in Whole Leader Development: Completion of Experience I, the first of three intensives offered in the Executive Fellow Program.

Track 2 – Executive Fellow in Whole Leader Development: Designed for high capacity emerging and existing leaders preparing for their next leadership opportunity or change. Requirements: Completion of Intensive Experiences I, II, and III.

Cost: $3,000 per Intensive Experience. Includes cost of the WiLD Toolkit if the participant does not already have access. Does not include lodging or meals while on site.

Quarterly Time Commitment: 3 day intensive experience on site + an additional 8 to 10 hours of coaching, virtual team calls, readings, and WiLD Toolkit tools assigned per month.

Each day of each three day Experience is scheduled from 8am to 1pm, providing plenty of space for reflection, to catch up on work, and for sharing a meal with other leaders in the Program. In addition to the three Experiences, leaders also receive several coaching sessions with a certified Master Level WiLD Coach. The coaching occurs after each Experience and provide leaders with the continued conversations to incorporate their learning in the Program back into their their day-to-day leadership challenges and opportunties.

Upon completion of the 9 day core , participants are awarded the status of Whole Leader Development Fellow – Mastery Level I. Additional Mastery Levels are achieved based on the following:

Mastery Level I – Completion of the 9 day Executive Fellows core.

Mastery Level II – Completion of additional Fellows program specialization in a different area, an additional core experience within three years of first completing the core, or completion of an approved affiliate program in a specific functional or philosophical context.

Mastery Level III – Completion of second or third Fellows Program Experience in a specialized area. Specializations continue to emerge.



Participants in the Executive Fellows Program also have the option to complete a separate Coach training to become certified as Associate, Professional or Master Coaches of the WiLD Toolkit.


DAYS 1 + 2 + 3


DAYS 4 + 5 +6


DAYS 7 + 8 + 9


EXPERIENCE I: Leader Identity & Calling

As an introduction to the practice of leading, this session combines foundational leadership and organizational theory along with personal character development as it relates to our identity as leaders. Other topics covered include the foundations of human motivation, group dynamics, organizational structure, diversity & globalization, and organizational culture. Coaches are also introduced at this first session.


  1. Establish a foundation for a rigorous understanding of what it means to lead and how leadership has been operationalized.
  2. Build an understanding of the contextual factors associated with leading others in a variety of organizational contexts.
  3. Provide a foundational perspective on world view and faith as they impact leadership, organizational structures, and decision making.
  4. Provide in-depth personal reflection on each leader’s character, purpose, calling, and motivation.

EXPERIENCE II: Leader Theory & Behavior

This session is designed to provide leaders with specific feedback on their competence. Specific emphasis will be placed on leadership competencies, leading individuals, leading change, groups and organizations, and basic leadership skills and abilities. The course is offered as the third of three courses designed to cover the theoretical principles, research, and practice in the area of leadership.


  1. Present research-based tools, processes, and skills associated with leading well.
  2. Gain an understanding of how leaders actually lead on a daily basis in a variety of contexts including businesses, ministries, not-for-profits, health care, education, government and beyond.

EXPERIENCE III: Leader Context & Activation

This final session is designed for leaders to not only think about their leadership in a more integrated way, but to have them explicitly thinking about those they serve and the leaders in whom they are invested. The assumption is that we exist as leaders to respond to a calling on our life and work to serve others through our leadership.


  1. Reflect on work, life, calling and purpose as necessarily intertwined components of our lives as leaders.
  2. Gain a deeper philosophical, theological and practical model of calling and purpose as a leader.
  3. Learn to build development plans and to have rich development conversations with other emerging and existing leaders.
  4. Personally reflect on the state of each leader’s strategic network and identify actions for increasing satisfaction with that network of support.


Enrollment Fees

2018 Tuition: $3,000 per Intensive

To register for the WiLD Fellows Program, complete the Application. Upon notification of acceptance into the Program, make tuition payment by clicking on the links below. For those working in not-for-profit settings or for those with the need for financial assistant, selective scholarships are available.

The fees for the WiLD Leaders Executive Fellows Program include continental breakfasts as well as snacks and refreshments. Other meals and lodging, transportation and other expenses are not included. However, we do provide a list of recommended hotels and restaurants nearby.

Cancellation and Change Policy

In some cases, participants request to change the date they would like to start the Academy. Changes made 8 to 12 weeks prior to the start of their program will incur a change fee of 5% of tuition. Changes made 4 to 8 weeks will incur an additional fee of 20% of tuition. Changes made within 4 weeks of the program start will incur an additional fee 30% of tuition.  All Cancellations are subject to a $100 administrative fee. Cancellations made 8 to 12 weeks prior to the start of their program will incur a change fee of 10% of tuition. Changes made 4 to 8 weeks will incur an additional fee of 30% of tuition. Changes made within 4 weeks of the program start will incur an additional fee 60% of tuition.  

Planning and Preparation

  • Each Fellows Intensive is three days long, running from 8:00am to 1pm each day.
  • Pre-work is provided one month prior to the start of the program.
  • Existing teams are encouraged to apply. Each team member will need to apply individually.

A different kind of leader needs a different kind of development, and this is what the WiLD Academy offers -- an intentional and personal growth experience that is rigorous, relevant, and relational all at the same time.

This WiLD Fellows Program is unlike any leadership development experience you have ever had.

What they say.