Meet the Master Coaches

Jay Cordova

I’m known for pushing people to know their limits. Coaching with me is going to take you to another level. I like to ask a lot of questions and learn about your passions, as well as your calling.  If you don’t know your calling or purpose, I’d love to come alongside and discover them with you. If you get high on ideation, innovation and strategy, I would get along great with you. My desire is to help you see the gaps in your life and help you balance the ever-changing “work and home” spectrum. I love working with diverse groups of people and companies who are aware that work and life intersect.

To me coaching is an opportunity to take a leader the next level and bring some people with him or her. I have worked with small to medium size business leaders and startup entrepreneurs to help them achieve their dreams. I was designed to connect with people and solve process problems. I founded over 10 companies personally and several more in partnership. I come from Spring Arbor University with a decade of experience in social media, marketing and communications strategies. I love consulting with international corporations, evaluating and implementing new media technologies, and information systems infrastructures. My background is in web optimization, applications, and implementing services to enrich teams and grow global businesses in many fields.

McKendree Hickory

I am driven by creating positive impact through empowerment and redefining relationships in people’s lives. My recent experience includes talent assessment for impact investment firms, women’s leadership research, leadership coaching, and organizational consulting including large scale diversity assessments. I received my Masters in Industrial Organizational Psychology from Seattle Pacific University and am finishing my PhD in the same area. I believe in developing leaders who understand themselves as uniquely designed individuals embedded in a social world, with a special focus on the intersections of gender, race, ethnicity, and culture in leadership.

My philosophy of coaching is that it begins with you. I believe that you have passions, hopes, and dare I say dreams that you believe you can achieve. My job is to help you run wildly after these dreams. As a long-distance runner, I am compelled by human potential and the possibility of what you think you are capable of doing. I use a systems-thinking approach to who you are, how you came to be, and what you need to understand as you move forward. As a coach I promise three things: to support you, to actively help you see blind spots and obstacles, and to convince you that you can do more than you think you can.

Rob McKenna

Dr. Rob McKenna is the Founder of WiLD Leaders, Executive Director of the Center for Leadership Research & Development, and Chair of the Department of Industrial-Organizational Psychology at Seattle Pacific University. Recently named in the top 30 most influential I-O Psychologist alive today, Dr. McKenna is committed to the idea that we could change the world if we could raise up a generation of courageous and sacrificial leaders.

Dr. McKenna has worked with coaching clients all over the world, from executives based in the United States to emerging leaders in India. To him, coaching is a chance to see a leader and to take one intentional step beneath the surface to something that is real and tangible for the leaders he coaches. His goals are to help his coaching clients become aware of things they may not see, understand their impact on the people around them, and use that understanding to impact the next actions they are taking. Coaching clients describe him as insightful, oftentimes hitting the nail right on the head, and coming alongside them as they seek to get something done, see themselves better, and see their impact on their organizations and the people they serve. As he often says, who and why we are impacts what we do. As he will also tell you, he works well with clients who are have the courage to step out and lead, and a willingness to change for the sake of those around them.

Robleh Kirce

Robleh Kirce recently opened LifeLabs San Francisco office as their Director of Coaching and primary leadership development Workshop Facilitator on the west coast. Robleh is also finishing his PhD in Industrial/Organizational Psychology at Seattle Pacific University where his research centers around the collection of formational leadership experiences, the development of behavioral-based 360 tools, leading under pressure, and the creation of workplace habits that drive change.

My obsession with psychology began in childhood, watching my parents’ sociable and influential behavior in the community, in contrast with their turbulent relationship behind closed doors. Before our teenager years, my younger brother and I were orphaned as the result of a murder-suicide. This experience fueled my drive to empirically understand human motivation, perseverance, and meaningfulness in life. And it continues to fuel my passion for preparing clients to be successful in and out of the workplace.


Jessica Loving

Jessica’s coaching style is both personable and direct. While she has a diversity of experiences in both business and non-profit contexts that give her insight into bigger organizational issues, her heart is connected to the deeper questions her coaching clients as asking. 

Jessica is a consultant and facilitator by trade, having spent much of the last 10 years supporting organizations to improve their business processes and technology. With a Master’s degree in Industrial-Organizational Psychology, Jessica‘s work has focused even more heavily on the people behind the processes and technology. Jessica has worked with organizations large, small, and in between across the software, education, non-profit, public sector, retail, financial services, and healthcare industries.

Her current role as Senior Business Analyst at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation capitalizes on her expertise in operational process improvement, team dynamics, change management, organizational culture, and learning and development. Jessica has recently expanded her facilitation work into the academic realm as Adjunct Faculty at Seattle Pacific University.