One Month on the Job – Practicing What We Preach

One Month on the Job – Practicing What We Preach

Over the past 3 years I have had 12 jobs, which for a freelance writer is probably not that big of a number. I joined the Whole + intentional Leadership Development (WiLD) team to minimize the amount of hours that go into my tax return and because the team and mission seemed exciting and unusual. I have worked with other leadership development programs, however WiLD has an impact that almost looks too good to be true. It felt great to think I could help administer those results to new groups across the globe. 

However, once joining the staff we did something that shouldn’t have felt peculiar, but it did. We went over one of the tools in our leadership team meeting, and scheduled a time for the next month to go over another tool. Organizations have wonderful intentions for their employees, but the reality is, often what they know would be beneficial is immediately put aside due to any number of reasons. Training, development, and coaching are all the first thing to become unessential when a large project is due. And a large project is always due. 

I’ve been working at WiLD for only one month and the expectations for me and everyone else are clear, I feel invested in, I have a deeper grasp of Rob and Daniel by talking through the assessment tools, and they know much more about me and how to work with me than most of my previous bosses. We all work remotely and have more leads to follow and projects to pursue than we could ever possibly address. But when a company, like WiLD, believes in caring for its employees and developing them into leaders, it actually uses the WiLD Toolkit and sees the hours spent on it as valuable, just like everything else we do. 

There’s more I could say about working at WiLD, how I’m still getting used to the seemingly endless acronyms, funny quirks from Rob or Daniel, not to mention how bizarre so many things seem in light of COVID-19. After one month though, I’m just relieved and happy to know that we’re smoking what we’re selling, and what we’re selling is truly life changing. 

Claire Campbell, Administrative & Operations Lead, WiLD Leaders, Inc.


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