We playfully describe ourselves as “Freaks Who Get Things Done”. We found each other because of a shared experience of being human, and a punch-you-in-your-gut conviction that being human is messy. Each of our stories is a tapestry of joy, success, failure, redemption, action, doubt, sorrow, productivity, forgiveness, controversy, and yes, even love. We have experienced what it’s like to be leaders, and have heard the stories of leaders – the real stories. We are a team of freaks who lead strong, are open to edits, who fight well, laugh out loud, and who are daring enough to think that a new way is possible.

Rob McKenna


The Professional Story

Dr. McKenna is the founder of WiLD Leaders, Inc. and creator of the WiLD Toolkit, a whole and intentional leader development process and set of tools that one coach described as “A whole approach that blurs the line between who we are as ‘workers’ and ‘human beings.”  He is also the Executive Director of the Center for Leadership Research & Development and Chair of Industrial-Organizational Psychology at Seattle Pacific University. His research and coaching with thousands of leaders across corporate, not-for-profit and university settings has given him insight into the real and gritty experience of leaders. His clients have included the Boeing Company, Microsoft, Heineken, Foster Farms, the United Way, and Children’s Hospital, to name a few. He is the author of numerous publications including articles and chapters on leadership character, calling, and effectiveness, and leadership under pressure. His latest book, Composed: The Heart and Science of Leading Under Pressure, focuses the specific strategies leaders can use to stay true to themselves and connected to others when it matters most. 

The Personal Story

I’m a mutt, a provocateur, a goofball, an imposter, and pastor to leaders. I love working with leaders who are courageous and willing to change. I love raising my boys with my wife Jackie. I still play video games. I love thoughtful people because they are weird in our world. I like questions that make your brain hurt. I don’t have much patience for leaders who think they know it all because I’ve seen the damage they do to others. People follow conviction, and I will not rest until we start to build up leaders not only with conviction, but with the sacrificial character to change for the sake of others. I’m not scared of leaders who are reluctant because their reluctance tells me that they know what’s at stake for others. I have no patience for 3 step leadership programs that provide an easy path to personal success because they not only miss the mark, but build up leaders who make it all about them. Life is too short to take ourselves so seriously. I am a follower of Jesus Christ, but don’t judge me for that or put me in a fundamentalist box. I follow this Jesus because he was the most provocative Human being who ever walked this earth, and He challenges me daily. Having the conviction that everyone gets to have their way in this world is naive. It works when you are leading in a vacuum, but begins to fail as soon as you become responsible for the work and development of others –  a leader. I am called on a mission to support, surround, and send out the weird, courageous, thoughtful, and sacrificial leaders that God is putting in front of me every day.

Recently named in the top 30 most influential I-O Psychologist alive today, Dr. McKenna is committed to the idea that we could change the world if we could raise up a generation of courageous and sacrificial leaders.

“Leaders go first. i want to follow one who will also pay attention.”

Jay Cordova


The Professional Story

Jay Cordova is the Director of Communications at the Free Methodist Church – USA, VP of Business Advancement for Day Media and Master Coach with Bad Bobby Leaders. Jay oversees publishing, communication and technology strategy in national, international and bilingual contexts. He has founded over 10 companies personally and several more in partnership. He comes from Spring Arbor University with a decade of experience in start-up entrepreneurship, marketing and communications strategies. He consults with international corporations evaluating and implementing new media technologies as well as information systems infrastructures. His background is in web optimization, applications, and implementing services to enrich teams and grow global businesses in many fields. He has pioneered online spaces including broadcasting, publishing and micro-blogging with Jacksonopolis, LLC. In collaboration with Coefficient Media, Jay founded The WorkStation – a start-up business incubator, giving a home to over 50 companies. His book is scheduled to be released early 2017.

The Personal Story

I’m about connecting with people and solving process problems. My call is to work with diverse groups and make a difference in this world. I’m an amateur comedian and an ordained pastor in the Free Methodist Church – USA, a denomination rooted in freedom to worship and an expectation to lead. I’m a social media master but don’t take my word for it, follow my twitter handle: @jcordovajr. You can find me playing golf, riding a city or mountain bike, or reading books (poker, commentaries and leadership). I love to explore ideas and to create. I’m hardwired for teamwork. I work best in groups of less than 12 individuals. I love to speak in public and private settings. I lead a creative team at Light+Life Magazine and they are absolutely awesome. I’m not from the United States, and I’m okay with that. My friends call me a “Freak” and “Crazy Horse” (lots of stories behind nicknames). I play music but not as much as I’d like to. I work best with leaders who are brave, self-aware, don’t take things personally and are willing to be edited. I will probably offend you at some point, I apologize in advance. Sometimes, I lose track of time because I get so invested in my work. I’m a city-guy who lives in Indianapolis, Indiana with my amazing wife, Katrina and two children, Ariana and Henry.


Matt Woll


The Professional Story

Matt is the Operations and Marketing champion at WiLD Leaders supporting Dr. McKenna as a strategist and program manager. In his 20+ years serving in various not-for-profit and business roles, Matt is driven to maximize teams, invest deeply in his people, and resourcing for effective and sustainable results. It’s just what he loves to do. Whether launching a new mission-focused organization,  or partnering with national and global influencers in humanitarian efforts, you’ll find Matt supporting, developing, and working alongside his teams with a smile on his face. Matt graduated from Western Washington University with a degree in the Psychology of Human Development, and is also a professional musician. He has toured the world with bands of all kinds, and earned a gold record for his studio work in 2007. In 2016 Matt founded “Petty Differences,” a Tom Petty tribute experience that donates a portion of all concert proceeds to global relief causes.

The Personal Story

In addition to being a WiLD leader, I’m also the Executive Pastor of Rain City Church in Bellevue, Washington. While some may see this as a lot to manage, for me, the integration and tapestry of my work makes complete sense. Serving as chief of staff, I oversee the day-to-day business operations and development of Rain City and I have the privilege of serving on the speaking team. Family, music, ministry, and promoting the genius ideas of my friends are what I’m all about! I’m married to the wonderful Wendy Woll for 20 years and counting and we’re having a blast raising our two children together. Born and raised in Snohomish Washington, I’ve made the greater Seattle area my home and absolutely love the PNW. I’m called to invest personally in the people I have the privilege of leading. I’m in my sweet spot when I’m helping them to discover their untapped potential personally and professionally in any context. I’m also an audio recording nerd and musician, and will always be involved in creating and producing new and independent music, playing and going to shows, and helping musicians find their voice.


Allison Screen


The Professional Story

As the Administration and Operations Lead at WiLD Leaders, Allison Screen keeps this ship sailing. She brings all the right experience in operations and tech infrastructure, health care, academic institutions, and start-ups. With a Master’s degree in Industrial-Organizational Psychology from Seattle Pacific University, she brings a needed combination of get-it-done objectivity and a heart for the work of developing leaders. Allison has invested her time and talents into small organizations, providing them with research-based systems and solutions as they grow and develop. She is passionate about equipping leaders, growing organizations, and doing all of this with high levels of integrity and care.

The Personal Story

Outside of work, my time, effort, and energy is invested in my church, family, and friends. People matter to me. I’ve never truly met a stranger, and if you hang around me long enough you’ll probably end up going home with a casserole or at least a batch of cookies. I’m passionate about investing in people and coming alongside them in their journey no matter where they are going. I’m perpetually in pearls no matter the occasion – they class up everything. I’m originally from Maryland, so a piece of my heart will always belong to the east coast despite my love for Seattle.


Annie Barthel


The Professional Story

Annie is our lead promotional guru leading our marketing and promotional push to our key stakeholders and market along with our leadership team. As the Promotional + Marketing Specialist, Annie supports the executive team while driving functional goals at all levels of the organization. Originally from Colorado, Annie has experience working in legal, customer service, research, social media, and human services.  Its the integration of her experiences across these contexts that has given her the competency to support our team members and deeply invest in growing leaders and promoting the WiLD Leaders mission.

The Personal Story

My passion for WiLD Leaders has come from the impact I have seen our work have on leaders in the margins. We are able to work with individuals who perhaps didn’t feel worthy or skilled enough to be leaders and come alongside them in their journey. I wanted to find ways to engage and empower individuals and let them know they were seen and heard. Traveling with the WiLD Leaders crew to India to work with university students really solidified this mission for me and the power of investing in people. I’m over the moon excited to finish my Master’s degree in Industrial-Organizational Psychology from Seattle Pacific University in June 2018. I keep fairly busy going to school, working as a graduate assistant, getting outdoors as much as possible, and raising a two-year-old cat.