The Emerging Leader

An emerging leader asks questions about their identity, their skills, their purpose, and their trajectory. We’re here to help them answer the questions that matter most.

Emerging Leaders

Those of us further along sometimes forget the questions we asked when we were younger, or less experienced as leaders. A person who is emerging into the world of leadership is asking questions about their identity, their skills, their purpose, and their trajectory. To understand them is to hear their questions.

Their questions

Am I a leader? (the identity of a leader)
When do I know it’s my turn to lead?
I don’t know what I don’t know, so how do I start?
How do I build connections with the right people?
What purpose will I serve in the world?
What’s important to me?
How do I develop myself as a whole person?
Can I be myself?
How do I learn about my strengths and my blindspots?
What experience do I need next?

Called to LEAD

Are you a leader for the first time or considering the possibility? Accelerating the development of an emerging leader is as simple as providing them with experiences that will test their convictions, surrounding them with a cast of people who support and challenge them.

Get intentional

  1. Identify the emerging leaders around you.
  2. Accept that they may not see themselves as leaders.
  3. Let them know you want to invest in them.
  4. Surround them with tools and conversations that bring awareness to their whole story.
  5. Look for that moment when they will say, “I think I might be a leader.”

What we do

We have worked with hundreds of emerging leaders on university campuses and inside of organizations. The power of the WiLD Toolkit, programs and learning curriculum is that it easily integrates into whatever leadership program, class or curriculum you have in place. The eight assessments and goal-setting tool are simple to use. Click here to watch a tutorial.

Get Started

Whether you apply to attend the WiLD Academy or encourage another leader to apply, use the Whole Leader Development Toolkit, or are seeking to become a WiLD Coach or get coached, our hope is that you will know there is a team committed to supporting you.