The Ministry and Not-for-Profit Leader

Those responsible for developing leaders in a ministry or missional not-for-profit context are challenged with scaling leader development, ensuring teams are healthy, and avoiding mission burn out in volunteers and staff who are likely underpaid but committed to something larger than themselves.

The Real Story

Imagine this. Many are surprised to hear that not-for-profit leaders sometimes feel off track, overworked, or even lonely. The strong may survive, but many leave their service oriented work because no one helped them get intentional about their development as leaders, or prepared them for the realities ahead.

The Vision

We expect so much from leaders who serve in organizations focused on serving the important causes in our world. We can no longer launch people into not-for-profit leadership without preparing them for the financial, spiritual, physical, personal, and family pressures they will face. Simply hearing that they felt called to their work and then pushing them out the door is reckless at best. It’s time to get strategic, and being strategic is not a bad thing. Imagine the impact on our world if we prepared those serving in the most influential not-for profits more intentionally- those with the courage to go first and the character to serve.

What we do

Our team at WiLD Leaders is focused on providing not-for-profit leaders with tools, developmental programs, and coaching that is true to their experience (Real), research-based (Rigorous), and conversational from the start (Relational).

All you need to bring is a desire learn, a willingness to become aware and change if necessary, and a motivation to serve others. We provide the scaffolding for the rest.

Get Started

WiLD Leaders are unique because they have a unique combination of conviction and editability. They are those who are seeking to listen to God and those around them, and also have the courage to go first when necessary. If that description fits you or what you aspire to become, consider applying to attend our Leadership Academy, get started using the Whole Leader Development Toolkit, or explore the possibility of getting a coach or becoming a WiLD Coach.