The Other Leader

Whether you are leading in a not-for-profit, government, family, health care, education, or in another organizational context, leading well is challenging…and you are not alone. As a leader, you are oftentimes rewarded for having answers. The irony is that it’s the questions we haven’t answered yet that are the true accelerators of our development as leaders.

The Real Story

Ask any leader about the greatest challenge they are facing and you will hear the real story. It may start with being a leader for the first time or transitioning to a new role, but one level deeper you will hear about seemingly impossible work relationships, feelings of having lost touch with their families or feeling unhealthy, or moments where they question their competence or their reason for leading. This is where the real learning occurs – in the moments and conversations that connect our daily business challenges with the rest of our lives. That’s the Whole Leader story.

The Vision

It is time to get real and vulnerable as leaders. The stakes are high and will require leaders who are willing to edit themselves for the sake of others, and will still maintain a sense of their own convictions and identity. Leaders who have all the answers are dangerous. It is time to get intentional about developing leaders with the courage to go first, and the willingness to pay attention to the needs of those they serve. This has never been more important in our organizations than it is today.

What We Do

Our team at WiLD Leaders is focused on providing you with tools, developmental programs, and coaching that is true to your experience as a leader, based on research into the journey of leaders, and conversational from the start.

All you need to bring is a desire learn, a willingness to become aware and change if necessary, and a motivation to serve others. We provide the scaffolding for the rest.

Get Started

Whether you apply to attend our Leadership Academy or encourage another leader to apply, use the WiLD Toolkit, or are seeking to become a WiLD Leaders Coach or get coached, our hope is that you will know there is a team committed to supporting you.