The WiLD Brand

The WiLD Brand

If we had to hang our collective hat on one set of values that drive our WiLD brand, this would be it.

RELATIONAL – Architecting supportive and honest conversations. Leaders don’t develop in a vacuum.

Leaders don’t lead in a vacuum, so we can’t develop them alone. It gets real when we get together and risk something, even something small like speaking our convictions and being vulnerable. Everything we do is designed to create supportive and honest connections between like-minded leaders.

UNCONVENTIONAL Inspired by stories from the trenches. We are anything but conventional.

If you are looking for another leadership program that only reinforces what you already know, we aren’t it. We don’t take our lead from what’s already been done or conventional “programs” but from the real and inspiring stories of leaders. We aren’t afraid to ruffle feathers and motivate change in ways you didn’t know you wanted or needed.

TRANSFORMATIONALInvesting in you as a person-in-process and a whole leader. No one-off solutions here.

We don’t believe in one-off solutions to developing leaders, but in developing Whole Leaders. The change impacts all aspects of your purpose, life and work without losing the core of who you are that makes you unique. We are in this to create deep, life-impacting change that encompasses all aspects of your life and work.

INTENTIONAL – Thought-out, tested, and research supported – not leadership by accident.

Being intentional works so well it’s almost scary. Everything we do is thought-out, tested, and research supported – not leadership by accident. We move with intent, yet are not overly aggressive – inspiring purposeful change from the inside out.

REAL – Driving learning that sticks – requiring courage, vulnerability, and care (mindfulness, awareness, discerning, understanding).

No gimmicks, tricks, or shortcuts. We drive learning that sticks – requiring courage, vulnerability, and care. If you are looking for a program to talk about leadership or hear someone talk at you for 6 hours, we’re not it. Leveraging our real life and work experiences is the key. If we are going to change as leaders, we have to get real.




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