WiLD Leaders Announces Dr. Daniel Hallak As Our Chief Commercial Officer

WiLD Leaders Announces Dr. Daniel Hallak As Our Chief Commercial Officer

The team at WiLD Leaders is more than excited to announce that Dr. Daniel Hallak is joining our leadership team as our Chief Commercial Officer. Most recently in a leadership development role at Slalom Consulting and Professional Development and Employer Engagement Program Manager at Seattle Pacific University, Daniel brings an extremely unique and appropriately wild depth of experience across corporate, not-for-profit, and educational settings. He has built and delivered whole leader development programs, understands assessments and learning, and as a professional coach himself, understands the personal and professional pressures on leaders. While his resume and accomplishments are many, this is not the only reason we are excited. He is the epitome of a WiLD leader. Here’s a bit more about that.

“I have known Daniel for the last twelve years and if you know him like I do, you will know why adding him to our team was a no-brainer. Daniel brings this uncanny combination of deep thinking, market understanding, strategic wisdom, and personal care for people. He fills up a room with his energy and powerful positive presence, but always leaves plenty of space for others at the same time. I knew we needed someone who could think deeply about whole leader development, while bringing business savvy and authentic connections with partners, customers, and clients. He is a natural leader, and yet, as humble and connected to the needs of others as I can imagine. The exponential impact of a person of Daniel’s competence and character is what I’m most excited to watch and experience.”

Daniel is excited to lead our commercial strategy, strengthen our existing partnerships, and to create new partnerships with organizations seeking whole leader development solutions for their leaders and employees. As he said when he took the role, “I’m thrilled to work with Dr. McKenna and WiLD team. As my wife and I got serious about considering this step, one of the most powerful moments was our realization that the WiLD team was considering the whole picture of my life and career leading up to this point. That kind of awareness makes you pay attention. The WiLD approach is the richest whole and intentional leader development process I’ve encountered as a coach and leader. I’m excited about building relationships with leaders and organizations driven by the conviction that whole person development is not only their job, but their mission.” You can welcome Dr. Hallak at Daniel@wildleaders.org. Congratulations on joining the WiLD team Dr. Hallak!


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