WiLD Leaders Announces Matt Woll as our Chief Operations and Innovations Leader

WiLD Leaders Announces Matt Woll as our Chief Operations and Innovations Leader

WiLD Leaders is fired up to announce that Matt Woll will be joining our leadership team as our Chief Operations and Innovations Leader. Matt is a natural integrator of important causes and organizations. From his experience leading the launch of Undivided – a documentary film highlighting the story of a transformational partnership between a church community and a local high school, to the initiatives he has led with not-for-profits such as charity: water and Water for Good, Matt understands that it is sometimes the unlikely partnerships that bring about the most profound changes in our local communities and world. Matt is known as an energizer in every organization where he has served because of his natural leadership lean to invest in people, to design systems that scale, and to integrate design and execution in a way that brings storytelling right alongside organizational growth.

As our CEO and Founder Rob McKenna said, “Anyone who knows Matt and knows me will say, “Yep, that makes sense.”
Matt is all in, and believes as strongly as everyone else on our team that the most important businesses and causes in our world will not move in the right direction with conventional and safe leadership development strategies. Most importantly, he is a strong operational, creative, and personal leader…and that is exactly the kind of leader we were looking for.”

Matt is also the Executive Pastor at Rain City Church in Bellevue, Washington, husband of Wendy Woll, and father to Cooper and Ava. Wild times require WiLD Leaders. Matt is one of those, and we are so excited he’s on the team. For more on growing WiLD Leaders team.

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