Whole + Intentional Leader Development


Based on decades of research on the development journey of leaders and people just like you, the WiLD Toolkit is focused on developing you as a WHOLE person. Each of us knows that our learning and growth includes many interconnected parts – our competencies and skills, our character and personality, our calling and purpose, and even the way we invest in the development of other people around us.

Led by Master WiLD Coaches, all WiLD Toolkit users also receive complementary access to the WiLD Experience Weekly – a one hour live virtual session designed to bring intention and real-time insight to your whole leader development journey. To purchase annual access to the WiLD Toolkit, simply register at the link below and go to the WiLD Store.



The WiLD Toolkit is a set of 10 sequential developmental tools and personalized feedback reports that provide a comprehensive and intentional development plan that will help you get intentional about your next steps forward and increase your adaptive performance in real time. Unlike any other developmental process, the tools are based on four decades of research on the developmental journey of leaders. They are not a test to be passed or failed, but instead provide deep insight and guidance in helping you become a better version of yourself for your own sake, and more importantly, for the sake of others around you.

The site allows you to store feedback reports annually, set goals and document important moments that matter, and increase your Whole Leader Development Mastery Level step by step.

Unlike other leadership development tools and assessments that put you in a box or give you a label and leave you there, the WiLD TOOLKIT goes one step deeper and three steps wider by giving you a whole picture of your learning and growth each year.

Your network of support, purpose and calling, experience audit, and pressure profile give you deep insight into all aspects of your character, competence, and calling as a leader.

What we do



Each of the tools below targets a different aspect of your development as a Whole Person or Leader. The process is simple and personal. Your results are confidential and are only shared with others if you choose. That’s important because developing our capacity as leaders requires us to reflect on the real challenges and opportunities we are processing every day, but are oftentimes difficult to speak out loud. The tools are designed to be taken annually – your results will change, just like you.

  1. Complete a tool.
  2. Review your feedback report.
  3. Share your feedback report with a coach, manager, mentor, peer, or in a small group.
  4. Set goals and invite others to hold you accountable using our Goals Tool described below.

While the tools can be used in any order, below is the order we suggest for the most logical sequence in the Whole Leader development process.


The WiLD Profile is the first tool in the WiLD Toolkit. It is designed to set the foundation for your learning and growth by providing key insights into your personality, character, developmental readiness, and your overall life and work fulfillment. It is the beginning step in your Whole + Intentional developmental journey. A personalized feedback report showing your detailed results on the WiLD Profile is generated when you press SUBMIT on the final page.


The Calling and Purpose Inventory (CAPI) will challenge you to think deeply about the calling and purpose of your life and work and provide insight into your strengths, those you are committed to serving, and your next steps.

+ Identify the Calling and Purpose behind your life and work

+ Highlight key voices who have spoken into your life and leadership


The Purposeful Goals Assessment (PGA) enables you to get intentional across the most important areas of your life including your finances, work, health, spirituality, family and personal ambitions.

+ Measure your progress toward achieving your purpose in six domains of life

+ Identify action steps and goals for increasing your fulfillment


The Leading Under Pressure Inventory (LUPI) increases your composure under pressure and your ability to connect to the needs of others when that next high-pressure moment comes.

+  Provides a personalized Pressure Profile measuring your emotional tendencies under pressure

+ Measures your personal strengths under pressure

+ Identifies three areas for development and strategies for developing in those areas


The Transformational Experiences Audit (TEA) identifies the experiences from your past that have shaped who you are today, the experiences you are currently having, and the experiences you desire to have in the future. Experiences shape us just as much as our DNA, and this audit is an intentional way to move forward while looking back at the same time.

+ Identifies the specific career and life experience you want next

+ Targets the developmental experiences that made you the leader you are today

Skills and Knowledge Inventory (SKI)

The Skills & Knowledge Inventory (SKI) identifies the skills, competencies, and lessons that you have learned in the past, those you are learning in your current role, and those you would like to learn in the future. Knowing what you cannot help but do well and those things you would like to improve helps to guide you as you move forward.

+ Assesses your current skills and competencies and the extent to which you are currently using your strengths

+ Targets the skills and knowledge you would like to gain the future


Motivational Learning Inventory (MLI)

The Motivational Learning Inventory (MLI) identifies your personal learning strategies that keep you engaged and learning when experiencing the world around you. Your personal learning strategies are what allow you to connect the dots between the experiences that are shaping you and the skills and lessons you are learning in real time.

+ Assesses you personal Motivational Learning Profile

+ Connects your transformational experiences, knowledge, skills, and lessons


The People Investment Plan (PIP) is a life and work changing tool for investing in the development and performance of others around you.  This may include those you manage, your family and friends, or others for whom you are responsible.

+ Creates intentional developmental feedback and insight for others through ten key development questions

+ Increases the adaptive performance and direction of others around you in whom you are invested


The Strategic Network Audit & Guide (SNAG) builds your strategic network of support in real time. This includes mentors, role models, those who provide you with feedback and emotional support, and even those who may open a door when you are looking for a new opportunity. The SNAG allows you to build a group of individuals who serve as your personal advisory board.

+ Identifies your current strategic support network

+ Highlights strengths and gaps in your network



The WiLD Plan is an integrated story that connects the different pieces of your development as a Whole person and leader. It includes your reflections on what you have learned and the actions you’ve identified for moving forward. The WiLD Plan is a comprehensive snapshot of your learning and growth through the WiLD Toolkit and is not designed as a finished product, but a snapshot of where you are now, and where you are going next.


Our simple developmental Goal Setting Tool allows you to set and organize your goals into different categories of your life, invite others to view your goals and comment on your progress, and rate the quality of the feedback you receive from your friends.

+ Set and share developmental goals in seven categories of life

+ Receive feedback on your personalized goal page from anyone in your network


The Moments that Matter application in the WiLD Toolkit documents the most impactful experiences of your life and career this year and categorizes them by their impact and importance. Each moment is added to a final feedback report that is a running record of the moments that had the greatest impact on who you are as a leader and person.



Our team has spent the last two decades producing research and developing tools based on how people learn and develop.