Composed: The Heart & Science of Leading Under Pressure Featured in Forbes

Regarding Dr. McKenna’s work, Ron Carucci said, “Most management literature offers mere stress-management technique or more superficial self-management approaches. McKenna’s approach, by contrast, digs a bit deeper to more fundamental origins of healthy, or unhealthy, responses that leaders form in the face of unrelenting pressures.”

30 most influential Industrial and Organizational Psychologists Alive Today

“The inclusion of Dr. Rob McKenna on the prestigious list of the most influential living I–O Psychologists is testament to his preeminence in the field. His passion and expertise in leadership development — and his revolutionary brand of sacrificial leadership — commands attention from everyone who is dedicated to leading well.”

You're More Than A Number and Type

“Whether you use growth mindset or enneagram to frame personality, neither tool paints the whole picture of a person’s development.” Dr. Rob McKenna writes for Talent Quarterly  on the whole person, beyond a personality test.

You Can't Lead Alone

Nothing will crush your team or organization faster than acting in isolation. Now more than ever, you need the right support to help you steer the ship.” Dr. Daniel Hallak writes for Talent Quarterly  on the dangers of lonely leaders.

Whole Leaders Under Pressure: You and Them

From The Great Conversation Blog, “For so many of us, our efforts at developing ourselves as whole leaders are in reality partial or fragmented efforts rather than whole.”

"On Being Editable as a Leader" - Featured on the Framework Leadership Podcast hosted by Dr. Kent Ingle

Dr. Rob McKenna interviewed on the Framework Leadership Podcast hosted by Dr. Kent Ingle, President of Southeastern University regarding a leaders a willingness to edit and the big vision behind WiLD Leaders.

"All About WiLD Leaders" - Featured on the ATD Podcast with Dr. Scott Melanson

Dr. Rob McKenna (Founder and CEO of WiLD Leaders Inc.) and Dr. Daniel Hallak (CCO of WiLD Leaders, Inc.) were featured on the Association for Training and Development Podcast with Dr. Scott Melanson. During the podcast, they describe the mission and vision behind WiLD Leaders, the power of the WiLD Toolkit for developing whole leaders, and Dr. McKenna’s latest book Composed: The Heart & Science of Leading Under Pressure.

"Leading Under Pressure" - Featured on the Flourishing Culture Podcast with Al Lopus

Dr. Rob McKenna (Founder and CEO of WiLD Leaders Inc.) was featured on the Flourishing Culture Podcast with BCWI president, Al Lopus. During the podcast, they look at the COVID-19 crisis and the resulting financial crisis that has created a lot of uncertainty for ministry and business leaders.  Every ministry has been affected, most drastically.  Nearly everyone is dealing with falling revenues, learning to manage remote teams and significant instability.  How do leaders keep their composure? 

"Leading Under Pressure" - Featured in Dad.CEO

Pressure is often unavoidable, but how we deal with it is not. Dr. Rob McKenna (Founder and CEO of WiLD Leaders Inc.) writes more about pressure and composure in an article featured on Dad.CEO.

"HOW TO LEAD UNDER PRESSURE: 4 Foundations you need" - Featured in Talent Q

Maintaining your composure and keeping your team moving forward requires four sturdy building blocks. Here’s how to forge them. 

"Leading Under Pressure" - Featured on the Brandon Smith Show

How do great leaders stay cool, calm and collected? Dr. Rob McKenna author of “Composed: the Heart & Science of Leading Under Pressure” and Brandon Smith discuss intentional leadership and self development. Listen in!

"Creating Courageous and Sacrificial Leaders" - featuring Daniel Hallak on Talent Development Hot Seat with Andy Storch

Daniel talks to Andy of the Talent Development Hot Seat on how to create courageous and sacrificial leaders. They examine together how to develop the leader within you.

"Examining The Leader Within You" - Featuring Dr. Daniel Hallak on Outcomes Rocket

A podcast with Dr. Daniel Hallak  on developing intentional leadership.

"The Concept of Social Capital in Leadership"

In this episode, Dr. Hallak joins Dr. Flo to discuss social capital in leadership and how culture influences personal leadership.

"The Secret to Staying Composed Under Pressure" - by Dr. Rob McKenna, featured on LTEN

For some, pressure moves us to pay more attention to what we think, need or feel. For others, the temptation is to focus our attention on what others need. Either way, there is a strong temptation to react out of compulsion as opposed to intention. Pressure is the constant for all of us. The variable is how we handle it.

"Changing the Future One Relationship at a Time" - Featuring Dr. Daniel Hallak

Dr. Hallak shares how a network of trusting relationships is key to growing as a professional and for opening doors to make impact through our work.

"Under Pressure" - Dr. Rob McKenna and WiLD Leaders, Inc.featured on the LTEN Webinar

Dr. Rob McKenna shares his insights on whole leadership development. His studies of how we each show up under pressure can effect our professional lives as well as our relationships with each other.

"The Science Behind Leadership and Talent Development" - Dr. Rob McKenna, Podcast guest on the Flourishing Leader Podcast with BCWI

In this episode, you’ll learn about:

  • The validity and the science behind Best Christian Workplaces Institute and the BCWI Engagement Survey
  • Leaders who step out first may feel isolated and lonely
  • How to surround leaders with support and feedback
  • Leaders develop on the job
  • How change management is connected to leadership development
  • The concept of adaptive performance
  • Uplifting Growth means improving the performance of individuals, groups and the organization overall to meet the challenges in a changing world. 
  • Most significantly, growth comes from job-related experience, along with interaction with others, including managers, mentors, and coaches—as well as from formal educational events.
  • Learning new things increases an employee’s engagement and allows the organization to maintain and improve its effectiveness.   

"Whole Leader Reformation" - Dr. Rob McKenna and Dr Daniel and the Lead Article in the Spring Issue of Outcomes Magazine

The article was the lead article in the Spring 2019 issue of Outcomes Magazine and sets the Foundation for the concept of a whole leader reformation and what it means to invest in the development of whole leaders.

Dr. Rob McKenna featured on the #StayMarried Podcast

The #StayMarried Podcast featured Dr. McKenna speaking about his new book Composed: The Heart and Science of Leading Under Pressure, and its relevance to leadership and family relationships alike. In this episode, he shares his insights on whole leadership development and how his research on how we each show up under pressure can effect our professional lives as well as our relationships with each other.

Dr. Rob McKenna and Kira Wenzel Published - Developing Whole Leaders for the Whole World - in the Journal of Value Based Leadership

This article highlights the Whole and Intentional Leader Development Model behind WiLD Leaders. Leadership development happens because someone sufficiently cares to invest in another and has initiated the challenging and deeply valuable conversations that connect who we are, what we do, and why we lead. Integrating those stories develops our courage and conviction to create change and transforms us into the leaders that others need us to be.

Dr. Rob McKenna and Dr. Daniel Hallak Published - Develop Whole Leaders with Tool-Based Coaching - in Talent Development Magazine

This article highlights the power of coaching leaders using tools like those in the WiLD Toolkit. The focus is on how tools like those in the WiLD Toolkit encourage vulnerability but don’t force it, and how they provide an integrative framework for a leader think in a more comprehensive and whole way about their learning and development.

Dr. Rob McKenna presenting "The Leadership Reformation: Developing Whole Leaders for a Whole World"

In this presentation to the KIROS business breakfast in Bellevue, WA, Dr. McKenna introduces the concept of a Whole Leader Reformation in how we think about developing a generation of courageous and sacrificial leaders.

Dr. Rob McKenna speaks at the SPFCx Conference in Seattle regarding Composed: The Heart and Science of Leading Under Pressure

The SPFCx Conference featured Dr. McKenna speaking about his new book Composed: The Heart and Science of Leading Under Pressure. In his talk, Dr. McKenna describes the impact and power of pressure and research-based strategies for being better versions of ourselves under pressure and in moments of adversity and change.

Dr. Rob McKenna featured at the Leading Through Turbulence Conference

The Leading Through Turbulence Conference featured Dr. McKenna speaking about his latest book Composed: The Heart and Science of Leading Under Pressure and its relevance to the unprecedented turbulent times we are living in. Others speakers included Dan Pink, Megan Hansen, Mark Crowley, Nilofer Merchant and others.

BCWI Podcast Featuring Dr. McKenna on How Strategic Leadership Development Creates Healthy Culture.

In the BCWI Podcast and Blog: Dr. McKenna describes:

  • Creative ways to solve strategic problems
  • How to develop whole leaders
  • How to get something done and pay attention to the heart
  • Building self-awareness in leaders
  • Putting systems in place so that pressure is manageable
  • Creating a high stretch and high development culture affects everything else in the system
  • Managing the growing pains of leadership development
  • Learning to delegate

5 Ways to Know the True Health of Your Leadership

Al Lopus featured Dr. Rob McKenna on the BCWI Podcast on the five ways to know the true health of your leadership. The strategies include:

  • Know What It Means To “Go First
  • Know Yourself
  • Know Your Goal
  • Know Your People
  • Know Maturity When You See It


Rob McKenna and Dr. Victoria Campbell featured in the Journal of Values Based Leadership on the topic of character. “Character is something you cannot perform, so we can separate performance from the assessment of character. Character goes beyond the content of the problem and deeper into the context of ourselves in relationship to ourselves, to the people around us, and to our experiences. How we see our reality is just as important as how we perform.”